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My Frame of Health

Are you finished with the hit and miss?

Have you tried everything? Do you do well but find yourself back where you started? Do you feel discouraged? Have you felt like the yo-yo even when the yo-yo is not a popular thing? Have you felt overwhelmed with the abundance of information but feel nothing fits you? Do you try to relate because so many others seem to 'get' it?

Start your own journey!

Have you wondered when you start a new healthy plan, if it is working? Do you give up before actually seeing any results? The thought of doing the healthy thing make you cringe? 
You can follow a plan blindly and hope it makes good on the promises...
You can put your mind into it and learn how to get off the roller coaster and onto solid ground that you own. SWITCH to a program you learn from, develop skills and become a supportive member of a community!
What is the My Frame of Health Wellness Journey?

This Journey is an online holistic wellness training community. During your subscription to My Frame of Health you will receive wellness training in each of  My Frame of Health's core specialties. Each unit within the interactive workshop will dive into an empowering lesson guide. You will take a wellness journey that gets you unstuck and switches you to a progression of results. 


My Frame of  Health is a monthly subscription based workshop allowing you to put it all together to feel better. Each powerful unit leads you on your individual wellness journey. Put together diet, fitness, mental health, self care to change your future well being.

It is all in your head!


With continuous noise from people, media, past experience and learned behavior, we start to doubt our inner voice, our intuition and our trust that we - our bodies as a whole, already knows how to LIVE.


When you do not have the confidence in your choices .

  • You start looking for quick and easy answers- the quick fix.

  • You hate your body, your habits and how you compare to others all the while trying to be yourself.

  • You feel defeated before you start.

  • You look in the wrong places for answers.

  • You stay within your comfort zone.

  • You convince yourself you are happy where you are and that happiness is all that matters.

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This Journey is Wellness Training that connects what you learn to your individual advances and challenges.

Joining the My Frame of Health Journey gives you structure, accountability, and consistency in managing your fitness, nutrition, continual learning. Piece together your needs, limitations. goals and surroundings to bring a holistic wellness path you are able to keep, expand and be happy with.



During your experience with My Frame of Health you will get focused on you this will allow you to skyrocket productivity, performance and growth:


  • Learn the why


    Dive into your WHY . What are your reasons for making better choices. Learning why things are the way they are will give you the freedom and confidence to make changes. No more guilt and excuses of 'life getting in the way'. It becomes you life. You fit this learning and support into your life, you don't fit your life into it. You have access to the program for as long as you wish. Enjoy the process and keep the 'why' you want/need/desire change on a personal level.


  • Learn What


    We are all different and have different goals and needs to better our wellness as a whole. There are many pieces to your individual puzzle to a healthier you. We focus on a well rounded group of topics. Space is what is around you, Body is how you look and feel, Mind is how you feel and how you deal with things. We put it together to feel better.

  • Learn How


    Once your mindset is set, you will optimize the tools and training to tailor your own fitness and diet plan, piecing your 'why you want it' and your what you need' to maximize your health and wellness long term.

  • Learn Where 


    A huge obstacle in achieving goals is determining where we go from here and the same question is asked after that step is conquered. As a supportive community built with a vast amount of individual differences we keep the path going and evolving.

Work out today for tomorrow!

This wellness program puts into place an individual plan to feeling better. We all have different needs and situations that steer us away from overall wellness. We start to feel unwell, drained and confused on how we got there and how to fix it. 

Dive into a enriched workshop full of information, motivation and support to gain longevity, healthy practices and long term goal achievement.

Flexibility - Balance - Strength

Workout with Fit Ball
Start by choosing your plan: 
You can do a monthly subscription or save money with a lifetime access pass.
Go through each Unit.
Unit 1 Food: learn about food groups, diet planning and the connection food has to everything mind and body.
Unit 2 Fitness: Understand your own fitness level, you limits and how to feel better with functional fitness. Get a personalized workout to enhance mobility, flexibility, balance, muscle tone and bone health.
Unit 3 Mental Health: Connect your goals to your mindfulness, gain confidence in your wellness journey by understanding what has held you back or causes you doubt.
Unit 4 Space: Gather knowledge about how what surrounds you affects you and how to change it. Believe in your lifetime wellness journey with positive plans and goals.
Be a driving force in the community
We do this together, building support and continue learning. You can cancel anytime you wish or continue on your journey with a supportive community. The workshop will be continually updated and be interactive for continued learning and planning.