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As you may know, we talk about it anyway. This means there are topics and subjects that are not discussed very often. Things we keep to ourselves. We get real, talk about it, learn from it and empower our value. We strengthen our comfort zone by being uncomfortable letting our comfort zone to engulf it all.

Let's Get Real Blog

Putting it all together to feel better , the blog gathers and presents information that will allow us to empower our wellness journey. 

Topics include: Fitness, nutrition, beauty, mental health and self possession.

If you feel that your article fits, please submit below. Please read guidelines before you click submit. 


Let's Talk About It Anyway - Podcast

Yes, we talk about things that you would usually keep to yourself. Do you have a suggestion on topic? a story for me to read on the podcast? interested in being a guest and why?

Please submit below and read the guidelines before you click submit.


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