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Personal Training

Your 'Why'

Personal Training sets up a fitness routine focused on your 'why'! Why do you want start putting more fitness in your life?

 Set your goals


Sessions are 45 min to an hour long. We set up your why |What|How and dive into instruction and motivation to be the best you while getting comfortable with your workout

The What

With an individual fitness routine, you get to know 'What' you need to do to achieve all of your Fitness Goals


Exercise with a purpose and stop the hit and miss. Your tailored workout is geared for satisfying results that you build upon for ongoing wellness.

The 'How'

Working with your personal trainer allows you to know 'How' to workout with purpose. Get to know 'how' to perform exercise safely and effectively.

Own It

Spend an instructional session and start your fitness routine. Workout at home, schedule another session, join our online support group. 


Ready? When is good? Personal training available at Studio (Waddington NY)

Fitness Online Workshops coming soon

Send suggestions on time and date. Ask questions

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