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  • Why Vitamin D Will Change Your Life.

    Vitamin D has been a prominent force of the supplement business for awhile now. You may have read many articles or sales pitches on making sure you get enough. Six important factors that influence your Vitamin D levels: (according to Harvard Health) Where you live. The further away from the Equator you live, the less vitamin D–producing UVB light reaches the earth’s surface during the winter months. We usually are covered up with a lot of clothing and the days are shorter which limits our UVB exposure. Air quality. You would not think of this first off but the carbon particles in air from burning fossil fuels, wood, and other materials scatter and absorb UVB rays which in turn diminishes vitamin D production. Use of sunscreen. Using sunscreen will help in preventing you to from getting a sunburn, doing so it blocks UVB light. It is noted “that that very few people put on enough sunscreen to block all UVB light, or they use sunscreen irregularly, so sunscreen’s effects on vitamin D might not be that important.” Skin color. The darker your skin the more Melanin which contends for UVB in turn dark-skinned people tend to require more UVB exposure than light-skinned people to generate the same amount of vitamin D. Weight. Again who knew that body fat grabs vitamin D, storing it away for a rainy day. We know how our fat is a storage area. Age. Oh great another factor you cannot control, we don’t get younger. Older people have lower levels of the substance in skin that has UVB light being converted into the vitamin D precursor. So when we do manage to get the right amount of Vitamin D, We get improve the health of: Bones and Teeth Heart and Circulatory System Nervous System Where to get your D? Bonus! Your body makes vitamin D when sunlight hits the skin. You can also get vitamin D from your food or by taking a supplement. Getting your Vitamin D from Foods: Salmon, Tuna, Sardines. Vitamin D is added (fortified food) to Milk, Orange Juice, Margarine and some breakfast cereals. Taking a supplement: There is still a debate on supplements and you will find much back and forth advice on the amount and the real need and even the real effects of a supplement. When adding a supplement always talk to your doctor first. Taking a Vitamin D supplement may give you peace of mind. The amount of vitamin D recommended by the Institute of Medicine is 600 IU of vitamin D a day for everyone ages 1 to 70800 IU of vitamin D a day for those 71 and older. If you rarely get out in the sun, or just are not too sure you are getting 600 to 800 IU of vitamin D per day, you might want to take a supplement that contains 400 to 1,000 IU this is a safe and inexpensive insurance. When you get too little Vitamin D you may experience: #Diarrhea #Insomnia Nervousness Muscle twitching Bone weakness When you get the right amount of Vitamin D: Better calcium absorption Better mood Helps with #hormones Stronger Immune system Lowers blood pressure Get your D and have a happy awesome day! #health #wellness #vitamins #vitaminD #supplements #skincare #health #hormones #skincare #supplements #health #supplements #hormones #vitamins #wellness #skincare #vitamin

  • How To ‘de’ Stress Your Weekly Menu

    The week ahead looks busy; each family member has their own schedule of events and this means meals on the go. Getting prepared for the week and keeping meals healthy can be a tricky event. When you do find the time, make a creative list of different types of meals you will need to provide throughout the week. Quick and easy meals made a head of time. What you need. chicken breasts, each serving per person will be 3-4 oz. Turkey bacon 1-2 strips per person. Lean cuts of beef. Your favorite herbs and spices. Canned soups Canned tomatoes Frozen vegetables Olive oil Plain Yogurt Breads and wraps Fresh vegetables Getting prepared, Once you have an idea of the types of meals you would like for the week, we can get a few things ready. Meats: Chicken – prepare a baking sheet lined with tin foil for easy clean up, you may wish to use a rack for any fat to drip through. Be careful not to dry out the chicken. Cook to 165 F each serving per person should be about 3-4 oz. (approx.140 calories each) you can use a kitchen scale or estimate the serving size being approximately the size of the palm of your hand. You will usually use the chicken throughout the week for several different dishes. The seasoning will depend on the different tastes and the different dishes you will prepare. Below are suggestions of combinations to season your chicken. Store in fridge until needed, Heat or use cold. Garlic powder and pepper – great for salads, sliced for sandwiches or wraps. Chili powder and cayenne pepper – with rice and tomato dishes, wraps, noodle dishes Lemon pepper – salads Italian spices – basil, oregano- salads, tomato dishes. Cumin and curry – great with beans and rice dishes. Tortillas Thyme and basil – great for any dish Once your chicken has been flavored, a couple of pieces with different variations, bake at 350 for about 45 min. Do not overcook as the chicken will be dry. Cool and put in container in fridge. Turkey bacon or bacon: Cook a half or full pound of turkey bacon, cool and put into freezer. I found press and seal wrap worked great and I could separate each piece. The bacon can be warmed and used for salads, sandwiches and wraps. Beef or pork: bake with BBQ sauces, herbs and spices: ginger, paprika, sage, rosemary, garlic, pepper. Once cooked, cool and cut up into strips or cubes. Great for tortillas, wraps, fried rice dishes, stir fry. Salads: The darker the lettuce the more nutritional value it has. Keep in container and ready for use. Have on hand: boiled eggs, prepared chicken, mushrooms, carrots, cheese, tomatoes, onions. If everything is right there ready, it is easy for anyone to prepare a healthy salad for on the go or for a full meal. Salad dressing: basil, dill weed, oregano, parsley, rosemary, sage, thyme, pepper mixed in a small amount of olive oil, then tossed into your salad will give you the control of keeping your salad away from harmful fats, sugars and increased calories. Food Fact: Beware when trying to increase fiber to your diet. Don’t be fooled. Check the ingredients list when buying foods labeled “whole wheat” or “Seven grain”. Many of them are made from a mixture of flours and contain small amounts of bran and fiber.

  • Birch Boys: Chaga Tea

    I had a friend suggest this to me. A simple way to sleep better. Yes I sleep without night sweats when I drink this tea. Find out more here Their Mission: To be the objectively best supplier of North American functional fungi through sustainable wildcrafting and vertically integrated manufacturing Several people going through menopause have had great results just with sleeping better without sweating to the point of sleeping outside. With so many other benefits, this tea is a great holistic resource.

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  • Amber Ormsbee Wellness Workshops

    Instrumental Fitness is the way of using exercise as a tool in aiding goal achievement start now we usually set goals according to how we want to look. looking slimmer more toned sexy six pack rounder booty decrease muffin top less flabby What if all this could be yours but just as a bonus Instrumental fitness is the way to start and continue a fitness routine to always increase your fitness level. How may times have you heard of people loosing their balance, bending over in pain, climbing stairs and being out of breath? ​ Daily activities take balance and flexibility and strength. ​ What if you could keep your fitness level well into your old age? This program is for you if ready to work out today for tomorrow About the Program About Amber There’s a relationship we build with our food. There are times that relationship gets complicated. The proof is in our health, it shows in our weight, appearance and mood. Building a better understanding of how nutrition and your overall health are related, will give you the control you need to achieve goals. You and food enter into a relationship very early on. Habits form, situations change, life happens and sometimes you lose sight of food benefits. Nutrition just becomes a label you read on products. In a desperate attempt to gain back control and have beneficial relationship with food, we grasp for fixes. graphic element Feel better, look better, be better. Building up fitness levels allows us to workout today for tomorrow. Gaining insight into how our bodies move and connecting our minds to our fitness empowers our workouts to achieve goals on an ongoing basis. Discover how to enhance your fitness. How many times have you dove into a program, workout, or fix all promise plan. Did you buy the 'thing' that cures all things? What if, I told you that your body already knows the cure all? You have one body and it is very smart and intuitive. This one body of yours knows what it needs. It is time to listen. Full analyses of your current diet Understanding your fitness level Understanding your body needs Setting realistic goals & building Plans Dumping doubt & building confidence in your choices Master your body's requirements for fueling your exercise routine Nutritional information to solidify your knowledge for your forever diet. Connect your fitness to your nutritional needs. Recognize your fitness level and how to gain wellness through workouts you love. Get support and give support while losing weight and gaining confidence, friendships and amazing wellness within that shines outward

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