How water is the simple truth to weight loss.

It would be a blessing if we could get into the shower and come out a few pounds lighter. Just imagine if we could just wash all that pizza away?

Our body and the relation with excess pounds isn't always fat storage. Ever notice that when you start a weight loss diet, you lose the first five pounds a bit faster than the rest?

When you feel puffy, squishy around everywhere, your body might be hanging onto water weight.

Let's look at how drinking the right amount of water can help with water weight and then continue to help with all that other weight you wish to ditch.

Water is an essential nutrient, which means we need to provide water to our body to sustain life. 50-65% of total body weight is water, depending on age and gender.

The power of water:

  • maintains body temperature

  • helps move nutrients

  • aids digestion

  • helps absorption and circulation

  • helps with excretion of wastes.

  • component in synovial fluid: lubricates joints, brain, spine, nervous system.

  • Aids in transmission of light and sound

The body loses fluids daily through excretion, respiration, chemical reactions and perspiration. On average about about 1to 3 quarts

A greater amount of fluid intake is needed with:

  • high protein diets

  • caffeine intake

  • alcohol intake

  • excessive heat

  • Illness

  • stress

  • Medications

By increasing fluid intake, the survival storage (when the body thinks it needs to store fluid because it is not getting what it needs) response is effectively reversed and loss of excess water weight happens.

At least 8 to 10 , 8 ounce glasses daily will help with excess storage, fluid imbalances, metabolic disorders.

Water is absorbed in the small intestine at a maximum rate of 8 to 10 ounces

every 20 minutes.

Cheat sheet: 64 ounces of water per day and add more if you exercising, drinking coffee or alcohol.

Remind yourself that when you are drinking water, your body is well lubricated and does not need to hoard excess fluid. Also in time water will help things move and flow easier, even fat when you are trying to lose it.

Think of water as something that helps clean the body inside also.


* I am horrible at getting enough water into me. I find that if you measure it, I do better. Also throw lemon or cucumber or berries in it!