Episode 6: Infuse your Alcohol

If there is a cocktail with jalapenos involved, we order it. I am not a fan but some people I hang out with love to set their insides on fire.

I have tried the garlic vodka in a Bloody Mary, which is amazing and gives you something to taste and smell for the entire day.

With many choices of things to stick in your alcohol, recipes for amazing cocktails are endless.

It usually takes about 24 hours of soaking example Jalapenos in your alcohol to get a good distinct flavor and in this case heat as well.

Ideas for a personalized infusion experience.

For one flavor chose mango, orange peel, watermelon, apple, blueberry, vanilla, cinnamon, basil, chili pepper, horseradish, or bacon. You can also try various hard candies, such as toffee.

Combing flavors is also fun and can fit nicely into certain cocktails life bloody Mary's Combine chili pepper, horseradish and bacon

Combining orange peels and cinnamon for a cozy cocktail and during Christmas combine cranberries and a vanilla pod.

Combining mangoes, pineapple and passion fruit for a tropical twist

We discuss infusing our alcohol for different drinks on the podcast

Check out our recipe for herb and garlic vodka

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