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Give yourself 30 minutes a day!

Focus on you and increasing your wellness!

Hey, I know you need motivation, some direction and support. Increasing wellness can be a struggle when balancing life, aging and stress.


  • How should I start making changes? 

  • What information is ideal for me? 

  • I just want to feel better 

  • What should I eat to lose weight? 

  • Is my plan the right one for me? 

  • I always start and then go back to bad habits



There are some things in life that just steer us away from our good intentions of feeling better.

Overwhelming is a great description for the information overload about our health. You need the best workouts, diet plans, time management, feeling comfortable with our surroundings, decreasing the anxiety, doubt and fear....

… and making goals that don't bring more stress and confusion

Put it all together one step at a time to feel better, feel sexy and feel healthy


This program


is for you if


YOU are ready for


a better

Cream and Gray Minimalist Simple Yoga Pr

body and 


want it for

Cream and Gray Minimalist Simple Yoga Pr

About the Program



There’s a relationship we build with our food. There are times that relationship gets complicated. The proof is in our health, it shows in our weight, appearance and mood. Building a better understanding of how nutrition and your overall health are related, will give you the control you need to achieve goals.

You and food enter into a relationship very early on. Habits form, situations change, life happens and sometimes you lose sight of food benefits. Nutrition  becomes just a label you read on products. In a desperate attempt to gain back control and have beneficial relationship with food, we grasp for fixes.


Feel better, look better, be better. Building up fitness levels allows us to workout today for tomorrow. Gaining insight into how our bodies move. Connecting our minds to our fitness empowers our workouts to achieve goals on an ongoing base.

Discover how to enhance your fitness.

How many times have you dove into a program, workout, or fix all promise plan. Did you buy the 'thing' that cures all things? What if, I told you that your body already knows the cure all? You have one body and it is very smart and intuitive. This one body of yours knows what it needs. It is time to listen.

The purpose of the Knowing Your Food is to change the relationship with food and increase knowledge on how to use food the way your body needs to. Your overall health is related to your nutritional behavior. With Fitness and nutrition, we first feed your brain with knowledge leading to your being in control of your fitness and diet. 

Full analyses of your current diet

Understanding your fitness level

Understanding your body needs

Setting realistic goals & building Plans

Dumping doubt & building confidence in your choices

Master your body's requirements for fueling your exercise routine

Nutritional information to solidify your knowledge for your forever diet.

Connect your fitness to your nutritional needs.

Recognize your fitness level and how to gain wellness through workouts you love.

Get support and give support while losing weight and gaining confidence, friendships and amazing wellness within that shines outward