Welcome , we put it all together to feel better! Take a successful wellness journey that empowers your individual feelings of value. Body, mind and space come together for an enriched sense of self.


Trying to fit into shoes that don’t fit is why wellness journeys get cut short. A workout plan that is overwhelming and puts a pout on your face is a definite shoe that is too big. In shoes that are too big we stumble and go slower. We do not feel better about our health. 

A diet plan that surrounds you with improper foods puts you in shoes too small. In shoes too small, we expect that less is better, we even try to force the ‘good’ foods into our own personal tastes and we do not feel better at all.


Stop trying to BE better and actually FEEL better. We do not fit into the same size packages.


I knew someone that had a habit of comparing me to others, those others being skinnier, had better skin, their hair being thick and shiny ...blah blah blah

So many programs, articles, directions to follow and to try.


Be better at eating healthy,

Be better at working out more,

Be better at drinking the right amount of water...blah blah blah


Yes I was feeling BLAH and then I realized that person always making me feel like I needed to BE better at something so I could feel better was me. 

All I wanted to do was FEEL better. I needed to learn more about my body, my mind and my space (my surroundings). 


 I was in a constant search of being better and looking for that perfect plan which  had me trying to fit into a box that was too small. I needed a plan for a fifty year old woman with a beer belly, which I have never seen this description for a wellness plan:


     This plan is for women over forty with beer bellies that want to FEEL better.


Maybe you have?


Putting more value on what made me feel better, empowered the wellness journey because I stopped looking outward and stopped trying to fit into something that did not fit.


Self Possession: Being self-possessed means that you are calm, cool, collected, charming, and confident. You have no need to apologize for who and what you are because you are secure and sincere with yourself and others. It is the authentic way of living and feeling better.


If you don’t like the kale don’t eat the kale. Also it is OKAY to be OKAY and it is always OKAY to NOT be OKAY.


Join me on a wellness journey that expands your knowledge and allows you to fit that knowledge into your body, mind and space. Stopping the endless walking in shoes that don’t fit.

Amber Ormsbee

Hey There

I’m a certified personal trainer, nutrition consultant, natural health consultant, interior designer, obsessed with organizing and rearranging, self-education administrator, host of a sexy aging plan podcast, self development coach, mommy, wife, website designer, blogger, writer and the chic with beer on tap. 

Yes it is a mess of things but aren't we all?

I want to help you put it all together to feel better. Building a personal journey to happy, healthy and sexy. I believe in bringing it all to the table!

I'm Amber Ormsbee, I am a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Consultant. All together I am a Holistic Wellness Specialist

My story is simple. I am a woman that is aging, lost in her own thoughts, and trying to stay sexy and sane at the same time. I have earned my scars, stretch marks and wrinkles.

 I know stuff and you know stuff and I think we should learn from each other and share all this stuff.

I am born Canadian, recently became an American. I am now in my fifties, which no matter how many times I say that out loud, it sounds like I am describing someone else.


I have raised three kids and now all I do is hope to hell that I gave them enough common sense not to screw it all up.


I am married to my best friend that I wish I could say he keeps me sane but we are both having fun with crazy.


Dealing with the crazy in my life has made me stronger and able to work through things easier. "Trying to find yourself" is overdone but finding my authentic self is a journey that has me wondering often, how did I lose my 'self' in the first place?


So as graceful as I would like to be about things, I have learned to be more accepting, more in tune with me, and smart and sexy in my own way.


Although I have invested in learning many topics within the wellness industry my most valuable lessons come from my life experiences. 

Whether it is my own or from the people in my life I have been affected by alcoholism, depression, anxiety, grief, PTSD, Fibromyalgia, menopause, Endometriosis, cancer, social anxiety. It has not always been a joy ride but I have lived with it, learned from it and have made those shoes fit by owning it.


I am so glad you are here to join me in the incredible journey that combines Crazy* Healthy*Strong.

Here is to feeling better!


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My Specialties

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My Training & Experiences


  • Certified Personal Trainer - NFPT

  • Fitness Specialist - The school of Allied Health

  • Nutrition Specialist - The School of Allied Health

  • Certified Nutrition Consultant - Alive Academy

  • Cancer Recovery Specialist - NFPT

  • Exercise and Fibromyalgia - DSW Fitness

  • Core Conditioning Training - Human Kinetics

  • Strength Training and Weight loss - Human Kinetics

  • Movement Specialist - Embodied Anatomy and Kinesiology

  • Interior Design - New York Institute of Art + Design

  • Yoga Therapy - Human Kinetics

  • Endurance Training Specialist - NFPT

​Work Experience

  • Changes for Women Fitness - Fitness Coach

  • River Run Fitness -Personal Trainer, Fitness Class Instructor, Nutrition Coach

  • Presenter - Woman's Health and Wellness

  • Owner, Trainer- My Frame of Health--Personal Trainer,  Nutrition Consultant, Natural Health Consultant.

  • Premier Fitness - Sales, Nutrition Consultant

My Frame of Health

Wellness Journey

This blog is a huge part of the wellness journey.  We have put it all together to feel better. Dive into learning more about how to feel your best, body , mind and space.


Sex'n'Fries is an informative woman's podcast that explores and connects with conversations that unlock our ability to feel better, feel healthy, and feel sexy.
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Do you feel the same?
S'n'F provides a resource to discover that you might not be alone and gives a dynamic opportunity to learn from each other. Women are made up of laughter and tears, join us for some girl talk that is smart, fun and a bit crazy at times. Unleash your curiosity about everchanging bodies, minds and living room furniture.

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