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Are you tired of the hit and miss method in developing a healthier you?

Start a journey of self education to enhance you health. Bring it all together, body, mind and spirit with a wellness connection. Join the program with an ongoing subscription to power up your fitness, nutrition and mental health. With important support and motivation we dive into personal training on a holistic view of health and wellness. Get serious and learn what it takes to make changes you definitely celebrate!

Amber Ormsbee


I’m a certified personal trainer, nutrition consultant, natural health consultant, interior designer, obsessed with organizing and rearranging, self-education administrator, host of a sexy aging plan podcast, self development coach, mommy, wife, website designer, blogger, writer and the chic with beer on tap. 

Yes it is a mess of things but aren't we all?

I want to help you put it all together to feel better. Building a personal journey to happy, healthy and sexy. I believe in bringing it all to the table!

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About Amber


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It's my life, I will cry if I want to


Put your smile on hold and get in touch with your misery. It is Okay to be not Okay. 

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