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Amber Ormsbee

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I’m a certified personal trainer, nutrition consultant, natural health consultant, interior designer, obsessed with organizing and rearranging, self-education administrator, host of a sexy aging plan podcast, self development coach, mommy, wife, website designer, blogger, writer and the chic with beer on tap. 

Yes it is a mess of things but aren't we all?

I want to help you put it all together to feel better. Building a personal journey to happy, healthy and sexy. I believe in bringing it all to the table!

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Boudoir: Self Confidence
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Sex'n'Fries is an informative woman's podcast that explores and connects with conversations that unlock our ability to feel better, feel healthy, and feel sexy.
S'n'F provides a resource to discover that you might not be alone and gives a dynamic opportunity to learn from each other. Women are made up of laughter and tears, join us for some girl talk that is smart, fun and a bit crazy at times. Unleash your curiosity about everchanging bodies, minds and living room furniture.

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About Amber
Put your mind into it! Functional fitness motivation, instruction and guidance.
Know your food and how it brings health to your life. The relationship with food is complex but yet very simple in function.
Love your space
Design tips, organizing, remodeling, renovations, feng shui
Mental Health
Let's talk about mental health, mind and spirit.
Feel beautiful with self care, beauty tips and inspiration
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